Oculus VR SDK Provides Virtual Reality Platform Access

Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR has released an SDK for developers that is, at least in this initial version, exclusively designed for the Samsung Gear Innovator Edition on Note 4. With the Platform still in development, the SDK is designed to get developers moving on creating virtual reality for mobile devices.


As the Oculus VR blog states, key features supported include

  • Asynchronous Timewarp
  • Direct front buffer rendering
  • Clock frequency locking
  • GPU context priorities
  • Real-time, fine grained GPU context switching
  • Real-time CPU threading
  • Direct warped content

In addition, Darrell Etherington of Techcrunch reports that this is just the beginning:

The SDK also contains the full Source Code for Oculus Cinema, Oculus 360 Photos and Oculus 360 Videos under an open software license, which represents the full suite of first-party apps available on the new mobile VR platform. It also bundles in a Unity 4.5 Integration that makes it easy to get your existing Unity VR program up and running on the new mobile headset.

The SDK is available for download now.

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