Oddcast Releases Text-to-Speech API: Vocalware

Oddcast, innovative web and mobile marketer, has released a cloud based text-to-speech (TTS) API: Vocalware. Releasing the Platform via API allows developers to extend TTS to any browser-based or mobile application. Vocalware intends to become the one stop shop for cloud based speech functionality. Oddcast CEO, Gil Sideman, commented:

“We see Vocalware as an opportunity to share our technology with the developer community, and answer a basic need....Developers are looking to integrate speech without requiring users to install anything. Developers want it performing well on all platforms. They want it fairly and clearly priced. Vocalware delivers all that."

Since 1999, Oddcast has delivered some of the web's most memorable marketing campaigns. From Career Builder's Monk-e Mail, to Office Max's Elf Yourself, Oddcast has powered corporate programs across a spectrum of industries. Its TTS platform originated in 2003. With the Vocalware release, Oddcast aims to place its robust technology into the hands of developers across the globe.

Developers can choose one of three Vocalware API environments: REST, JavaScript/HTML 5, or Action Script. The TTS services enable application developers to generate and play audio with an application in real time. The API uses a pay as you go model, charged by the audio stream (up to 60 seconds per stream). Sign up for free, and enjoy 2,000 free streams at the Vocalware site.

TTS engines have developed into cheap, feature rich platforms that bring new possibilities to applications. Whether a marketing campaign aims to attract millions of new users, or simply provide a new toy to share with friends, Vocalware enables developers to provide in-app TTS experiences without investing in expensive new platforms or hiring new skillsets. Oddcast's new API strategy should lead to further TTS adoption and expand its user base.

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