OfficeDrop boosts PaperPort with Device to Cloud API

Cloud Based storage solutions are getting more mainstream by the day and finding their way as an essential extension of popular products. Imagine a scenario where you scan documents and they are directly stored in the cloud thereby giving you instant features like sharing the documents, indexing and even searching them. OfficeDrop, a web-based digital filing and document sharing services has just announced Integration of the OfficeDrop API into PaperPort Anywhere to seamlessly bring in cloud storage for Nuance’s popular PaperPort application.

The OfficeDrop and PaperPort Anywhere document management API can now be used not just by developers but even by scanner and multifunction printer vendors to connect their software and hardware solutions to cloud based storage and sharing. An example given is that of a multifunction printer vendor who can now provide “Scan to Cloud” features by utilising the PaperPort Anywhere API.

To get started with the OfficeDrop API, you will need to sign up first and register your application. OAuth and Basic Authentication are the two mechanisms to use for Authentication. The API Documentation is detailed and provides information on various methods like uploading, searching and many more typical actions that you would need on documents. The response data format is XML. An example call to search for documents with the keyword = profit is shown below:


The API license agreement is being worked on and should be up soon. If you would like to look at Sample Code, it is available at github. There is a free plan that you can use to get started with the API and free trials are available on the commercial plans. Please refer to the pricing page for more details.

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