Official Twitter Developer Conference Coming in April?

It's no secret that the Twitter API is extremely popular with developers, as evidenced by over hundreds of Twitter-based mashups in our mashup directory. Now developers working with the Twitter API have a new Resource available to them by way of Chirp: The Official Twitter Developer Conference.

Twitter Chirp

According to the new landing page for the conference, Chirp will take place in San Francisco, California at some point this year. However, it seems that the date for the event may already have been leaked, as Andrew Mager at indicates that the conference is scheduled for April 14, 2010 and is also reported today by Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb.

We've covered the micro-blogging Platform and its API in various posts in the past, and the emergence of a developer-focused conference highlights how important the API has become both to the company and the broad range of developers that work with its API. We look forward to seeing how the conference will shape the future of Twitter-based mashups and apps as well as the general Twitter developer community.

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