Offline Maps, Reviews and More Now Featured in TripAdvisor Smartphone App

TripAdvisor has announced the addition of offline functionality to the TripAdvisor smartphone app, making it possible for users to download and save maps, reviews, photos and more so that they can be accessed at locations where no data connection is available. Over 300 worldwide city maps are included in the offline feature, and they are powered by the Scout Maps and Navigation SDK. In May, ProgrammableWeb reported that Telenav had launched the new Scout Maps API and Scout Maps and Navigation SDK, which are based on OpenStreetMap.


The TripAdvisor Smartphone App now features offline functionality. Users can download and save maps for more than 300 cities worldwide. (Image credit: TripAdvisor)

In addition to offline functionality, other new features have been added to the TripAdvisor smartphone app, including photos and badges on member profiles, and the ability for users to find and reserve tables at thousands of restaurants in cities around the world. Adam Medros, TripAdvisor senior vice president of global product, said in a press release:

The new offline feature for TripAdvisor's smartphone app makes it an even more valuable 'must have' tool during your trip. More and more travelers are making spur-of-the-moment decisions about where to go and what to do and need a useful travel Resource. Travelers can now access user reviews, photos and maps throughout their trip to help them pick last-minute hotels, restaurants and attractions to visit–all while avoiding costly roaming charges."

The TripAdvisor mobile app with offline functionality is available on iPhone and Android devices. For more information about TripAdvisor, visit the company's website.

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