Oh Hey World API: The Quick Way To Let Everyone Know You've Arrived

When travelling, the first thing on the list of things to do after arriving at a destination is to get in touch with certain people to let them know you're in town or just that you've arrived safely. Whether it's sending a quick text, sending an email or 'checking in' on a social network, technology has made this easy enough to achieve while on the go. Oh Hey World is a service that makes use of all these options in the form of a simple application that allows users to share their location across multiple social networks, via text and email, with just one click. Oh Hey World's API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.


Oh Hey World is all about enhancing the travel experience and simplifying the location sharing process. Users can sign in, set up a profile and begin to invite and follow friends that they want to keep up to date with. Once set up, users can then update their arrival in a new place and have it sent across several platforms with one check-in, connect with other friends who have checked in nearby, connect with people who share similar interests, choose who they want their check-ins to be sent to (public or private), or make use of the Wordpress plugin to update the current location status on a travel blog.

The Oh Hey World API is useful for developers who are creating applications that require information on a person's current location or time zone. The API requires a user name as input and will return the current location for that person. Oh Hey World is in beta phase at the moment, and interested developers should contact the company directly for further information.

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