Okidokeys Launches API for Smart Locks

Smart lock maker Okidokeys has launched an API. "Collaboration and interconnectivity is what will make the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality for the average user," Pascal Metivier, the founder and CEO of Okidokeys, said in a news release. "So many developers have fantastic ideas for creating innovative software solutions for the people who use our Smart-Locks, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to make their concepts a reality."

Okidokeys' smart locks rely on a number of technologies, including Bluetooth, NFC and RFID. They can be installed on any residential door with an ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt. Once installed, homeowners can use the Okidokeys iOS and Android apps, as well as smart tags, to lock and unlock doors and provide rules-based access to friends, family and trusted third parties.

With its new REST API, Okidokeys is inviting developers and other companies to integrate its smart lock solution into their products and applications. For instance, a home automation platform provider could integrate with the Okidokeys API to enable its users to control their locks through an application that handles other home automation tasks.

"We listened to the many programmers that had vision and needed this level of access from us," a company spokesman said. He cited France's mail service, La Poste, which has integrated with Okidokeys, as an example of what is possible with its API.

Products Become Platforms

Okidokeys, which is demonstrating its smart lock technology at the International CES conference in Las Vegas this week, is an example of a product company that is using an API to become a platform company. In many markets today, it's simply not enough to launch a product and leave it at that. Instead, companies are embracing APIs and giving third parties the ability to create new value around their products.

Interestingly, while companies typically have certain applications in mind when they launch APIs, there's frequently an implicit faith that the ecosystem will create value in new, interesting and unexpected ways. As Okidokeys' spokesman told me, the company believes that its API will be "very" important going forward, but it isn't wedded to particular use cases. "We look forward to seeing all the uses," he stated.

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