Okta Introduces DynamicScale for Authentication at Scale

Okta, an enterprise identity solution provider, has announced a high capacity identity solution: DynamicScale. DynamicScale was built to perform for the most highly-trafficked apps and sites around the world. It can conduct up to 500,000 authentications per minute.

“The modern global brand drives millions of users to digital environments that are painstakingly designed to engage users on a daily basis,” Diya Jolly, Okta Chief Product Officer, commented in a press release. “But on-premises, custom-built identity management solutions have historically been plagued by infrastructure maintenance, chronic instability and unreliability, and costly development demands, especially with infrastructure lying fallow for most of the year. Okta has gone far beyond the current landscape to not only meet the dynamic and diverse identity needs of the largest sites and apps on the internet today, but to create the identity infrastructure for the future."

Okta DynamicScale can certainly offload in-house development of enterprise-scale Authentication to Okta experts, including spikes. However, DynamicScale also allows DevOps teams to test their apps in preparation for increased traffic and spikes. Whether its preparation for a viral marketing campaign, new product release, or holiday shopping weekend, DynamicScale can take care of authentication needs for testing and production environments.

DynamicScale was built with automation and intelligence in front of the mind. Accordingly, it scales authentication projects that have typically slowed in-house solutions down. Okta Builds with both horizontal and vertical Scaling designs to seamless integrate with as many use cases as possible. The goal is to handle any spike with no impact on the User Experience. DynamicScale is available now for Okta customers.

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