Okta Launches SDK for Biometric Authentication

Okta, a company that focuses on providing identity solutions for the enterprise industries, has launched a new SDK that is intended to simplify Authentication for end-users while also improving device security. The new Okta Devices SDK was announced at the second annual Okta Showcase developer conference. 

This new SDK is built on the company’s existing Okta Verify infrastructure for authentication services and provides streamlined Integration for developer use cases. Using the Devices SDK developers will be able to build branded solutions that power push notifications and biometric authentication via FaceID and others. Okta highlighted the proliferation of the mobile economy as a core reason for the launch of this new Resource. The company’s Chief Product Officer, Diya Jolly, noted that:

“This dynamic landscape has placed an extra emphasis on today’s modern businesses to be relevant across every device. The Devices SDK takes the customizability and security of the Okta Identity Cloud, and puts it in the hands of developers everywhere.”

Using this SDK also has benefits for end-users that go beyond the obvious security benefits with users now able to register their devices with the Okta Universal Directory. The release of the Devices SDK for iOS and Android is expecting to reach early access in the first quarter of 2021. 

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