The Olapic API: Making Your Brand Picture Perfect with Fan Photos

You are a major brand wanting to advertise. Do you: A) hire an advertising agency and pay big bucks for photo shoots, or B) crowdsource images from your fan base for free? The Olapic API integrates answer B into other apps.

Brands can ask for customer photos over Intagram, Twitter, Facebook. Or the brands can offer a contest, anything to generate photos sent to a hashtag or site where it is made clear that the content can be used in an ad campaign. According to Sarah Perez at TechCrunch, companies can use Olapic's analytics to test different pics and see which ones are most popular:

"Olapic offers the e-commerce companies backend technology to manage the submissions, in order to vet the images before they appear on the site or quickly sort through a selection in order to determine a contest winner, for example. Now, it’s helping the retailers make better sense of the data surrounding those images, too."

Olapic just announced a series A round of funding, $5 million. With 20 customers so far including Lululemon, New Balance and Nasty Gal. for an example of one method, see the New Balance Twitter campaign with Heidi Klum.

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