Older Versions Of Google's APIs To Go Up In Smoke On 4/20

Google is shutting down a number of deprecated APIs on April 20, including YouTube Data, OpenID, Webmaster Tools, Apps Admin, Documents List and ClientLogin. The service calls for these Google APIs will no longer be supported after April 20.

More than likely, the selection of 4/20 -- the most celebrated day of the year among pot smokers -- as the day on which several APIs are being retired by Google is purely coincidental. But it's always fun to speculate.

The YouTube Data API v2 was deprecated in February 2014 and is shutting down, with the exception of:

  • Most shared and trending videos standard feeds
  • The fields parameter
  • All Live events functionality
  • All Partial feeds functionality

The OpenID 2.0 service is shutting down, and developers are encouraged to migrate to Google+ Sign-In before the shutdown date. According to the Google migration timetable, the mapping of OpenID 2.0 identifiers to OAuth 2.0 identifiers should continue to work until Jan. 1, 2017.

The ClientLogin API was deprecated back in 2012. Google encourages developers to utilize OAuth 2.0, a method of authorization Google currently supports.

Google introduced a new version of the Webmaster Tools API late last year and is shutting down the old version to coincide with the shutdown of the ClientLogin API.

All of the deprecated Google Apps Admin APIs are shutting down, and Google encourages developers to switch to the Admin SDK, which contains replacement APIs. The deprecated Apps Admin APIs include Admin Audit, Apps Profiles, Provisioning, Reporting, Email Migration API v1 and Reporting Visualization. At the time of this writing, there was no replacement available for the Reporting Visualization API.

The Documents List API v3.0 is shutting down, and the service will no longer be supported after the shutdown date. Google encourages developers to migrate to the Google Drive API, which provides nearly all of the functionality of the Documents List API and includes some new features.

For more information about deprecated Google APIs and the impending shutdown of specific Google APIs, visit the Google Developers website.

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