Omega DevCloud Will Facilitate a Ubiquitous IoT

RacoWireless has released plans for Omega DevCloud, a comprehensive service aiming to create a ubiquitous communication environment between IoT devices. DevCloud, part of the Omega Management Suite, is projected to interpret and translate communications between any type of device or format, wrapping complex formats in a customizable RESTful API.

This standardized web language can take any data infrastructure and make it readable for virtually any device. Adam Schaible, RacoWireless’s Director of Software Engineering described Omega DevCloud as “a web-based REST/ JSON API built on a hardened bi-directional M2M communication core that supports both TCP and UDP protocols.”

Available for public use in early September, the enterprise level Omega DevCloud suite of tools will be hosted on secure data centers that can accept heavy traffic and authenticate all use. Developers can visit RacoWireless’s site to register for early access. 

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RacoWireless Announces Launch of Cloud-Based IoT Development Tools