Omnilexica Launches Lexical oEmbed Service

Omnilexica, a lexical and encyclopedic content provider, has launched an oEmbed service for its dictionary service. After Integration with the Omnilexica API, a call to Omnilexica returns the definition or meaning of a term specified by the URL at Omnilexica has beta tested the feature for six months and has now made the offering generally available.

Omnilexica provides services both lexical and encyclopedic in nature. Instead of simply offering definitions of words, Omnilexica provides context, multiple meanings, synonyms and more to offer a complete understanding of a word or phrase. At the general release of the oEmbed feature, the functionality is limited to defining terms. Based on user feedback and requests, Omnilexica will consider expanding functionality to include pronunciations, examples and more.

The RESTful API service returns calls in either an XML or JSON data format. Sites and apps that integrate with Omnilexica must use oEmbed discovery or accept an oEmbed provider in order to support the service. To learn more, visit the Omnilexica blog announcement.

Omnilexica has joined the API economy a little later than other dictionary services. However, Omnilexica offers unique value in its space with its ability to extend beyond a basic dictionary. With capabilities such as contextual color, phrases and examples in its bag of tricks, Omnilexica may be a good fit for many sites, blogs and apps with a need to integrate dictionary functionality.

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