One Line Of Code And Your Video Functionality Is Sorted: CameraTag API

For developers looking for an easy way to collect videos from users' webcams for a variety of applications, CameraTag could be just the thing. The company provides an the CameraTag API that makes it possible to add webcam video recording to websites with just one line of code. The folks at CameraTag are quite confident that their product is better and more cost effective than competitors such as framey, nimbb and framebase, that they've even included a head-to-head comparison of features and prices on their website. Could this be the simple solution developers have been waiting for?


CameraTag provides HD recording, allowing users to record videos at resolutions from qvga (320 x 240) up to 720p (1280 x 720), from a pc or mobile device. The interface is fully customisable, and built on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, the company claims that the auto- Scaling infrastructure is "extensible and robust". Users can choose from various packages ranging from a free starter package up to a more advanced pro package for those with much larger recording demands.

Using CameraTag's API, developers can access this data and integrate it with their applications. It's a simple process of embedding the CameraTag recorder on a website and CameraTag handles all the video streaming, generating of thumbnails and transcoding of files. For further information check out our CameraTag API profile as well as our list of 336 photo APIs in our directory.

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