Onehub API: Serious Security For File Sharing

For large companies who require the constant transfer of files and private information, the need for a system that can store, organise and share files quickly and efficiently is paramount; and even more so, the need for that system to be safe and secure. Onehub is a file sharing application that puts security and a high level of control over file sharing at the forefront, making it an attractive solution for companies who need to share sensitive business information. Onehub also provides the Onehub API that enables developers to access this data on behalf of a client.


Making use of the very 256-bit Encryption and physical security policies that banks use, Onehub's top priority is to protect a client's data. Other features that enhance this security are things like the role based permissions, which allows administrators to easily control the level of access to their files, controlling who can just view the file and who can actually download or copy the file. They can also enable settings to require complex user passwords, or set up a requirement that passwords need to be changed on a periodic basis. To take it a step further, anything a user does is tracked and can be audited, creating trails for when a workspace is accessed, a preview is viewed, a file is downloaded or a document is printed. In addition to the security measures being taken care of and giving clients peace of mind, Onehub also provides all the usual things you would expect from a file sharing application - the ability to upload files quickly and easily, organise files strategically, create and edit files with Google drive, customise workspaces, collaborate and communicate with co-workers, share files and securely access content from anywhere.

The Onehub API is designed to conform to the principles of REST. It uses HTTPS and returns all data in JSON. Developers will need a Onehub developer account to get started, and once registered, will be able to access the required OAuth Client ID and Secret. Further information is available on Onehub's developer site.

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