OneMusicAPI Now Includes Artist Metadata Searches

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elsten software have announced the introduction of artist metadata into OneMusicAPI, a low cost music metadata and cover art API built for startups and small companies. The new release sees information about 4 million artists added to a database already containing over 5 million musical releases. The release is available immediately.

Dan Gravell, founder of elsten software, said "For sure, artist metadata has been our top-requested feature for some time. Startups and small companies already appreciate their lower maintenance burden by integrating to just one API; we hope by adding artist metadata and images we will be providing a more complete solution."

OneMusicAPI is launching its musical artist database with two possible queries to discover artist data. The first is the "called" query, where one parameter denoting a name or alias for an artist is used to find artist metadata and return it. For example, a query for "The Beatles" or "Fab Four" will return the same result - metadata for The Beatles. The second query allows the use of Discogs artist IDs to source artist metadata. When used, metadata from other sources is also delivered, increasing the usefulness of storing Discogs artist IDs.

The metadata that is included in the dataset include full names, aliases, birth dates, related URLs and artist images.

OneMusicAPI retains its release-based API, where information about albums, singles, compilations and other types of release can be found, and its disc-based API, where information about CDs live. The key benefits of the API are one-stop Integration for multiple online APIs and enormous coverage by combining several high quality, crowd sourced databases at a fraction of the price of other commercial APIs. As such, it is ideal for use by startups, smaller companies, or any organisation where finance is limited.

OneMusicAPI is a RESTful JSON API. Developers must request an API Key and may test it for 1000 lookups. After that, access costs £15 per 100,000 lookups, £150 per month for metadata only, or £300 per month for metadata and image access. Interested developers should contact api(at)onemusicapi(dot)com for more information. As per elsten software's promise to their customers, the existing version of the API will not be shut down until all users of the API have migrated.

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