OneMusicAPI Simplifies Music Metadata Collection

Elsten software, digital music organizer, has announced OneMusicAPI. Proclaimed to be "OneMusicAPI to rule them all," the API acts as a music metadata aggregator that pulls from multiple sources across the web through a single interface. Elsten founder and OneMusicAPI creator, Dan Gravell, found keeping pace with constant changes from individual sources became too tedious a process to adequately organize music. Gravell explained:

"I learnt from developing our own music tagger, bliss, that, while there's a lot of useful music metadata available in free online sources, the cost of Integration is high. It's not just the initial coding, but also the ongoing maintenance as APIs change. I wrote OneMusicAPI to isolate bliss from these changes, and avoid expensive updating of downloaded applications. Now I'm offering it to other application developers."

The first public release of OneMusicAPI focuses on cover art discovery. Developers send the API album/artist name pairs and the API returns the applicable album cover art. Currently, the database includes more than 3 million albums. The API pulls from four databases to date: MusicBrainz, Cover Art Archive, Wikipedia, and Discogs.

The OneMusicAPI uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The first 1000 lookups are free. Beyond the free test calls, per call pricing and monthly subscriptions are available. Although the original release pulls cover art, future plans include additional music metadata. For more details on the OpenMusicAPI, sign up for access to the Developer Portal. Elsten has a passion for large music collections and understands the tools needed to better organize and access those collections.

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