OneNote API Adds Auto-Extract Capabilities

The OneNote Developer Blog has announced the availability of auto-extraction capabilities within the OneNote API. This enhancement enables programmatic data extraction from uploaded business card images, and product display URLs.

Following the recent release of the Business Card Scanning in Office Lens, the OneNote API is now able to receive and detect information from scanned business card images. The API can detect the phone number, name, address(es), email, and website printed on a business card, returning embedded vCard files for easy import into Outlook or a user's phone contact list. 

URLs can also be used as an input parameter for OneNote API's auto extraction tool. Compatible with recipes and product URLs, the API will scrape a title, rating, image, description, features, and product specifications from requested URLs. The type of pages recommended are individual product listings on Amazon, HomeDepot, or

These data rendering tools can be requested from three new parameters:

    •    "extract.businesscard"

    •    "extract.recipe"

    •    "extract.product"

If the API is unable to detect any information, its fallback behavior is to return the inputted image or requested URL so that the source is always retained. 

OneNote is the note book tool offered by Microsoft where users can jot down notes, record audio/video, and sync this information across platforms. The OneNote API is currently in a beta phase with an open console for testing purposes. Feedback is encouraged. Currently, the auto-extraction parameters work only with the English language, but additional language support is forthcoming.

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