OneRPM brings the Music Marketplace to Your Band's Facebook Page

OneRPMIt used to be that if you wanted distribute and promote your music, you needed a label or manage to get your music in the hands of those that would be interested. Now, that's completely old hat and these days, bands are able to handle production, distribution and promotion in a way that is both genuinely engaging and highly effective. OneRPM is a powerful tool in the way of digital distribution. Create an account, upload your content, manage it, and distribute it to ever major and minor digital outlet around--now including Facebook.

OneRPM has upped the ante with its new Facebook app, allowing your fans connected to you via Facebook to be able to buy your music right from your Facebook page.

The way it works is you simply connect our Facebook Page to the OneRPM app and after a little but of setup, your Facebook Page has a store. Fans can purchase your music with PayPal, credit card, and even Facebook Credits. Fans also have the added advantage of being able to shop many artists' catalogs, without losing their cart or having to leave Facebook.

If you're a musician and you have a Facebook Page, do yourself a huge favor and get the OneRPM app installed on your Page.

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