Ongage: Stamping Out Return to Sender

Founded in 2010 and based in White Plains, NY, Ongage has a simple idea for email marketers: we deliver. It uses different ESPs to deliver mail according to which ones are most likely to succeed in reaching a given email address. Ongage calls this concept "micro-deliverability."

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As Anthony Ha  spells it out in Techcrunch, June 4, 2012, the problem is that emails only reach inboxes 76.5% of the time. He continues,

The product came out of co-founder Ofer Shani’s past work as an email marketer, Ongage says. Shani found that when he started to send emails from different ESPs based on their strengths and weaknesses, he saw a 1.75 percent increase in reported deliverability. That may not seem like much, but it actually reflects a bigger change, since ISPs don’t notify you about every bounce, plus deliverability rates don’t reflect whether the email went into the inbox or the spam/junk mail folder. So that 1.75 percent increase actually led to 50 percent more clickthroughs and 33 percent more revenue, Ongage says.

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The Ongage API allows developers to roll that best-in-delivery system into their applications. Documentation and access is available when the client signs on for the service.

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