Online Notebook,, to Launch First Public API, the personal online notebook, has announced its first public API. The company decided to launch the API in attempt to get back to the personal, customizable roots for which the application was originally built. Since Writeapp launched, the application has been a public offering and users have been subject to the company's decisions on new functionality, upgrades, fixes, etc. The API will put some control back in the hands of users and requires the company to remain up to date on fixes. was originally developed for personal use a few years ago. When it was released as a public offering, the uptake went through the roof. Now wants to hold itself accountable to further innovation and sustainability and integrate its functionality with new interfaces. continues to finalize its API launch plans, but anticipates the first release arriving in January.

The API will be RESTful and the new User Interface will be a single-page JavaScript app. Writeapp is completely rewriting the application by Decoupling the front and back ends. Although the API strategy adds layers, Writeapp intends the rewrite to increase security, streamline updates and ease bug fixes. For updates, visit the API post. was developed for its creators' personal use. It just so happens the rest of the world suffered similar pains with keeping personal notes online. After massive adoption, Writeapp has increased functionality, offered paid premium plans and now plans to launch its first API. For starters, the API will be free, but adjustments are often made to freemium models that take off too fast. Catch the API during the launch early next year.

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