Online Ordering With the Zuppler API

Zuppler's API allows restaurants to integrate Zuppler's online ordering system onto their existing website. Clicking on the link that appears in the website presents the restaurant's menu.

There's also a convenient option: start a group order. That allows you to start ordering for a lunch meeting, for example. You order for yourself. Then, instead of the onerous task of taking everyone else's order, you just send fellow eaters an email, they order off the link, and you can pick it up (or have it delivered) all together.

Once Zuppler receives the order, it gets faxed directly to the restaurant.

Zuppler accomplishes all this with multiple APIs. A profile API lets the restaurant display basic information about the restaurant, froom pictures to locations, events, logo and cuisines.

The menu API integrates the Zuppler Online Ordering feature onto the website. Both  APIs come in JavaScript or JSON flavors. For websites powered by Wordpress, Zupple has a plugin.

From Zuppler's list of locations, about 7 cities or states, it would seem that they have a large market left to exploit.

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