Ontimenow Scrum API: Ramping up Agile Project Management

The Ontimenow Scrum API is an Agile management tool with REST calls and JSON responses, and uses Oauth2 Authentication. The API allows calls to check contacts, view defects, check features, tasks, incidents, projects, releases and users.


Ontimenow is three apps: Ontime scrum helps get software released quikly by managing iterations and using a workflow system to deliver an average improvement of 24% faster completion times. Second, the Ontime Helpdesk enables Agile support teams to collaborate on support tickets. And lastly the Ontime Team Wiki lets people create and share documents securely.

Ontimenow has split its API into two audiences,

"We are building support for two kinds of client applications that use the OnTime API. Public client applications can work with any hosted OnTime Account, and are best suited for general-purpose OnTime addons. Private client applications are intended for a specific hosted OnTime Account or an OnPremises OnTime installation, and are best suited for internal, account-specific applications."

Ontime Scrum is is built on HTML5 and allows users to manage an unlimited number of projects.

Onetimenow is used by over 10,000 development teams, the company reports.

Examples of how Ontimenow can be integrated into other programs include a defects explore and an API explorer, both hosted at Github.

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