Open Data Center Alliance to Host First Hackathon

The Open Data Center Alliance, a consortium of some of the world's most powerful companies dedicated to shaping the future of cloud computing, has reached out to the app developer community with the launch of its first hackathon. The hackathon starts today at the group's Forecast 2014 event. While the group has largely focused on cloud adoption through effective data center infrastructure and management, it has realized that larger cloud-aware applications are needed to move the adoption of cloud computing forward.

The Open Data Center Alliance was started in 2010 by Intel and a group of international companies. The group was formed with the intention of creating standards for the development and corporate adoption of cloud computing. Today, the alliance includes over 300 companies that account for more than $100 billion in IT spending. From BMW and Royal Dutch Shell to China Life and J.P. Morgan Chase, the Open Data Center Alliance has a global commitment to reach its goal. Today, like so many other industries, cloud computing's leading thinkers are reaching out to the developer community to move the industry forward.

The hackathon will focus on the recently published paper Architecting Cloud-Aware Applications. Participating teams will build a cloud-aware app that provides volunteer matching services to the hackathon's partner nonprofit organizations (i.e., Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, CYCLE Kids and CloudNOW). Entries will be judged by a panel made up of both nonprofit representatives and technology companies. Apps will be judged on their ability to be cloud-aware, including a stateless model, Web services approach, massive Scaling and design for failure. 

The hackathon starts today in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel. Those who register for the hackathon are eligible for a free conference pass. Hewlett-Packard will host the hackathon, and the alliance hopes the event will serve as a jumping-off point for more interaction with the developer community.  

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