Open Kit 1.0 Enables Truly Social Games

In just 10 months after OpenFeint, a social Platform for mobile games on Android and iOS discontinued the service, Open Kit has released version 1.0 of its Open Source alternative for game developers. Developers can now make use of their Back-end services to create social cross-platform gaming features across iOS and Android, with Unity™ plug-in support.

The focus of Open Kit is to bring the "social" aspect into the games. Keeping that philosophy in mind, the features include:

  • Social Leaderboards : The leaderboards are available across platforms and user networks, thereby increasing engagement.
  • Social Challenges : Automatic push notifications that alert players when friends beat each other's high scores.
  • Smart Invites and Ghosting: Send invites across platforms and an interesting feature of adding ghost data to leaderboards along with real replays of friends' games.
  • Wrapper APIs : Integration with Game Center APIs and Google Play Services.

You can start off for free with the Open Kit platform. Once your application hits the popularity mark, you will be charged accordingly. Pricing starts at $100 per month. Check out the documentation page for getting your Application Key and various SDKs (iOS, Android and Unity) to access the back-end services in Open Kit.

The OpenKit platform has seen good adoption by developers and several including BongfishOyatsukai GamesBattery Acid Games are already on board.

Refer to the OpenKit v 1.0 press release for full details.

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