Open Referral Announces Availability of Human Service Data API Protocols

Open Referral yesterday announced that its Human Service Data API Protocols are ready for use.

Open Referral, which develops data standards and open platforms designed to facilitate the discovery and sharing of information about community resources such as health, human, and social services, says that it spent much of 2017 developing its Human Services Data API Suite (HSDA), "a set of open source protocols for the real-time management of Resource directory data."

The need for a suite of APIs became apparent to Open Referral even as use of its Human Service Data Specification (HSDS) grew. As Open Referral's Greg Bloom explained, "Over the years, we observed that even as HSDS gained adoption across the field, many of our stakeholders were developing their own Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage resource data in real-time."

By creating an official suite of APIs, Open Referral hopes to promote interoperability, decrease the costs of implementation, accelerate the pace of innovation and ensure that users have an open solution available to them. The HSDA protocols, which cover eight services that each perform a different Function such as data management and search, have been drafted using the OpenAPI specification.

Open Referral will be hosting a video chat on January 19 to discuss the HSDA and OpenAPI. More information is available on the Open Referral blog.

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