Open Source Phone System with Twilio OpenVBX

Right on the heels of the Twilio Client that developers can use to add Skype-like capabilities their mobile or web apps, the company is is launching a supporting virtual phone system built on its Twilio API. OpenVBX, along with the Twilio Client, provides a complete web-based business phone system, similar to Google Voice.

With OpenVBX, anyone can setup a virtual phone number that rings any other phones, and comes complete with virtual voice mail. Then using the OpenVBX drag-and-drop phone tree builder, administrators can setup call routing logic, conference lines and provide call recording.

OpenVBX comes packaged with Twilio Client, allowing users to make calls directly from the browser and if their status is set to available, they will be able to receive calls right in the browser.

Included with OpenVBX is web-based voicemail transcription. Unanswered calls with OpenVBX can be routed to an alternate phone number or sent to voicemail, with voicemails automatically transcribed and accessible via the web interface, email or SMS.

OpenVBX is open source, allowing users to download the code, and completely customize for any application.

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