Open Source RAML Parsers for Various Languages Turn Up

Earlier this month, ProgrammableWeb published an article featuring several standalone RAML API mocking tools that have surfaced on GitHub. Open source RAML Parsers for various languages have also recently turned up on GitHub such as PHP RAML Parser, RamlParser, RAML Ruby, and Pyraml-Parser. These RAML parsers are in addition to the Java, JavaScript, and .Net parsers created by RAML sponsor MuleSoft.



PHP RAML Parser was created by Alec Sammon, project manager for Blue Duck Education Ltd:, who needed a tool to validate API test fixtures against an API definition. Sammon told ProgrammableWeb that the company chose RAML because "it was backed by some major vendors and was gaining great traction. We also knew YAML well as a team, and the RAML documentation was great - it was the obvious tool."

The PHP RAML Parser was created as part of a multi-step solution for developing and testing new features. This solution helped the company improve the development process by allowing both the API and front-end teams to write code independently and validate the test fixtures against the RAML definition. "The resulting change was a huge boost to the development process; both the API and front-end teams could work independently and would not be blocked by the other," said Sammon. "We also had the benefit that our API definition would itself be validated and couldn't become out of date."


RamlParser, an implementation of a RAML parser in Ruby, was created by ePages GmbH, a leading provider of online shop software. Harm Behrens, CTO at ePages, told ProgrammableWeb that over the past months, the company has been developing a REST API based on JSON so that third-party applications will be able to connect to the ePages software.

"One of the main requirements for the API documentation was the ability to automatically import RAML files into the documentation tool. This would enable us to easily bridge development and documentation as well as to avoid double work," said Behrens. "Therefore, we developed a Ruby-based open source library, the raml_parser, which reads RAML files and returns the respective information. We very soon noticed that instead of simply editing Markdown and RAML files, the in-house documentation tool enriches our working environment and makes our work a lot easier."


RAML Ruby was created by Coub, a company that provides a service for creating and sharing looped videos up to 10 seconds long. Mikhail Tabunov, CTO of Coub, told ProgrammableWeb that the company released the Coub API at the end of 2014 and decided to use RAML for automatic documentation generation. The company later decided to write all documentation by hand so RAML is no longer used. However, the company made RAML Ruby open source and posted it on GitHub for other developers to use.


Pyraml-Parser was created by Andrii Degtiarov, a developer based in the Netherlands. Pyraml-Parser is a RAML parser for Python that is based on PyYAML, a YAML parser and emitter for Python. Pyraml-Parser is compliant with RAML version 0.8.

Disclaimer: MuleSoft is the parent company of ProgrammableWeb.

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