Open Spreety: Find it All, Watch it Free, Watch it Legal, A TV Guide for the Internet

The Open Spreety API sticks a TV and a TV guide in your program. According to the API webpage, you can have users search for shows by title, genre, and by the decade the show was produced, among other criteria. Despite all the pay walls and cable costs, Open Spreety says there is so much free content out there from  the mainstream media that viewers can get lost in the forest of choices.

How you gonna find all those great TV shows, and how can you tell if they are free? You could Google them all individually... but then you can't browse through featured suggestions. But if they're on Open Spreety, they are free and all right there in front of you, as Crunchbase puts it

"Spreety keeps track of where to legally watch tv shows online.

Aggregators like Hulu and Fancast are a small fraction of the high quality, legal video content online. Spreety aims for a bigger picture of what is legally available across hundreds of sites."

From action to history, from documentary to Sci-Fi, Spreety aggregates free content that is delivered on the content-owner's website and sponsored by ads.

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