OpenADR API: We Got The Power

Brownouts got you fried? The Open Automated Demand Response API (OpenADR) aims to improve a critical aspect of handling the power load: improving Demand Response (DR) to electricity needs. Understanding demand, communicating demand and acting on it are all essential elements of effective DR. The SOAP/ XML  API is all about helping grid managers use common standards to leverage the OpenADR specifications.

Developed out of California by the Demand Response Research Center (DRRC), the effort is guided by a mandate encompassing five tasks:

  1. Guide DR research in California;
  2. Create partnerships between institutions;
  3. Reach out to develop connections between vendors, customers, utilities and other stakeholders;
  4. Keep attention on DR research focused for the long term;
  5. Do research, development and conduct technology transfers.

According to the news page on its site, things are changing fast. From getting real time information from SmartMeter to the consumer, to retrofitting buildings with an eye not only to conservation but to smoothing out peak electric loads, the game is no longer about adding more and more electricity. It's about coordinating management through increasingly sophisticated communication.

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