OpenAPI 3.0.0 Specification Now Available

The Open API Initiative (OAI), an open source project guided by The Linux Foundation, has announced that the OpenAPI 3.0.0 Specification is now available. OpenAPI 3.0.0 is the third-generation of the specification format, and it represents the first official departure from the Swagger 2.0 specification. This latest release of the OpenAPI specification includes new capabilities that were not part of version 2.0 such as support for Cookie parameters, new callback object, and new links object. ProgrammableWeb recently reported that the final release of the OpenAPI 3.0 Specification had been tentatively scheduled. The article includes details about the significant changes between version 2.0 and 3.0, as well as the new capabilities available in version 3.0.

The OAI was formed in 2015, and the project aims to define an interface to REST APIs via the OpenAPI Specification. The specification describes API resources and operations in a format that both machines and humans can easily discover and understand. The OAI is supported by IBM, Microsoft, MuleSoft, Red Hat, SmartBear, and many other companies in the API space.

"The release of this third-generation format is a significant milestone for our community," said Ole Lensmar, CTO, SmartBear Software and Chair of the OAI Board, in a prepared statement. "The updates made are entirely user and usage driven and that plays a huge role in the success of the specification. One of the most powerful things about this release is its ability to drive the full API lifecycle."

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