OpenAPI Initiative Announces OpenAPI Specification Version 3.1.0

The OpenAPI Initiative has announced the release of OpenAPI Specification (OAS) version 3.1.0. This latest iteration brings tighter alignment with JSON schema vocabularies, better ways to identify API licenses, and improved Documentation

OAS is a programming language-agnostic and standardized interface description for HTTP APIs and is intended to be human and machine-readable. Marsh Gardiner, Technical Steering Committee member, OpenAPI Initiative spoke to the general value of this latest update:

“Great care was taken in evolving to version 3.1.0 to ensure it is an incremental upgrade for existing users, while also making it an excellent candidate for immediate evaluation and adoption in corporate environments. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the diverse group of contributors for all their exceptional skills and effort on our latest achievement.”

With this release, the Initiative addressed a fundamental issue with OAS JSON Schema-like structures differing from JSON Schema itself. By closing this gap, OAS 3.1.0 is fully compatible with the latest draft (2020-12) of JSON Schema. Ben Hutton, JSON Schema project lead, noted that this uniformity of vocabularies has many benefits:

 “...JSON Schema vocabularies allows for standards to be defined which cater for use cases beyond validation, such as the generation of code, UI, and documentation.”

This announcement also includes updated documentation that is intended to make it easier to understand these structural improvements. Additionally, the announcement notes that “Support for identifying API licenses using the standard SPDX identifier.” Make sure to check out the release for additional details. 

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