OpenJaw Provides Access to t-Retail Platform and Tribe API for Select Third-Party App Developers

OpenJaw Technologies, a leading online technology partner for the world's biggest travel brands, has launched the OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community which provides developers access to the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform as well as to a variety of tools and resources that help simplify the integration of the platform into third-party applications.

Tribe Developer Community

Image Credit: OpenJaw Technologies

The OpenJaw t-Retail Platform provides companies in the Airline, OTA (Online Travel Agency), Loyalty and Hotel industries the ability to perform online retailing of travel products across multiple channels. Travel industry companies can use the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform and Tribe API to create storefront services in desktop, web and mobile applications. OpenJaw CEO Kieron Branagan states for the press release that:

"By providing third-party developers with access to powerful, industry-grade t-Retail Platform technology and the necessary tools and support, Tribe sets the stage for dramatic growth in the availability of exciting travel shopping services. Tribe is a game changer."

In addition to access of the Tribe API, developers that join the OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community will be provided with:

  • Sample code
  • Production quality test systems
  • Engineering support
  • Online documentation library
  • Developer forum

The Tribe Developer Community program is currently open for developers (approved by OpenJaw) working with OpenJaw customers and partners. OpenJaw plans on expanding the program in the near future to include entrepreneurial startups and educational programs. For more information about the OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community, visit

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