Aims to Open Entertainment Media with Free API

Wacku has launched a non-profit open API in the broadcast media space: The Platform collects video and other media from human and machine-readable sources. In turn, the API updates users when need additions or changes have been made to the Library. Currently most of its sources include YouTube videos, Podcasts, Web-TV series, and some movies. The team has invited the major broadcasters and studios to participate in its open project to no avail.

Although has not yet convinced the major media players to join its project, the team has aggregated a substantial base of content. Currently, the platform pushes out data on 32,000 different series in 10+ languages. Although the project remains in its infancy, continues to gather and deliver new content every day.

The API delivers data in a JSON or Msgpack format. Instead of calling the API, the platform utilizes web-hooks to automatically send out updates and new content. If an application fails to respond to's web-hook, the driver will inform the application. Currently, the API remains free and those interested in participating in the beta can register at the homepage.

Broadcast media has long been dominated by proprietary formats and guarded by thick corporate walls. Although the industry may be far from breaking this mold, startup projects like certainly depict a growing interest in evolving the legacy format. Could a non-profit disrupt the longstanding method of entertainment media?

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