Openmind Networks Offers its Mobile Communications Platform via API

Openmind Networks, communications services Platform, has announced the Openmind API which opens up its up its mobile communications platform to the developer community. Most of Openmind's feature set becomes available through the API. The API arms developers with a telco-grade communications platform upon which new innovative apps can be built. Openmind CEO, Alex Duncan, expanded:

"We can offer VoIP capabilities, RCS, WebRTC, location sharing, billing, etc., allowing app developers to think and create new apps that before were only dreamt about. For the app developer, it means their apps can be built on a solid, proven, telco-grade platform, allowing them to launch and scale apps fast."

For over 10 years, Openmind Networks has continued to push the communications industry to new heights with an ever-improving communications platform. Its award winning product set has disrupted legacy thought processes and won awards for its innovation. By opening up its platform via an API, Openmind will continue to inspire new apps and aims to finally connect the telecom and IP worlds.

Public Documentation for the API is not currently available. Those interested can reach out to the Openmind team via the API announcement. The API will give developers access to standalone messaging, chat, file transfer, content share, video share, cloud storage, VoIP calling, SMS, and more.

As of late, the telecommunications industry has jumped onto the API economy bandwagon. With startups interrupting this legacy space, developers should be encouraged that a proven communications leader has launched its services via API. Openmind expects the unexpected now that its platform is available to the entire app developer community.

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