OpenMP 4.0 Receives Praise from HPC and DSP Communities

The OpenMP ARB, the non-profit that owns the OpenMP brand, released the fourth version of the OpenMP API a few months ago. After a few months of use, players in the high performance compute (HPC) and digital signal processing (DSP) spaces praise the new release and have developed many products on the updated API. Upgrades available in 4.0 include accelerator support, SIMD constructs, Error Handling, thread affinity, tasking extensions, Fortran 2003 support, user defined reductions, and more.

Ramesh Kumar, Texas Instruments DSP General Manager, commented:

"The accelerator model now available in OpenMP 4.0 is an important milestone for TI customers....With the release of TI's 66AK2H multicore DSP + ARM SOC, customers can benefit from ARM and DSP in one chip. The model provides a seamless way to accelerate customer's systems and achieve best in class power and performance."

The OpenMP API constitutes a multi- Platform, shared memory parallel programming model for C, C++, and Fortran. The API was created and is maintained by the ARB and its participating members. Members include industry giants such as IBM, HP, Intel, AMD, Red Hat, and more. Since 1997, the ARB has dedicated itself to specify, manage, promote and support the OpenMP API in the supercomputing and other industries. Its members continue to lift up the organization and drive it forward. Release 4.0 continues to impress, as Intel's James Reinders (Chief Evangelist of Software Products) commented:

"Intel is pleased to see OpenMP 4.0 become a full standard. OpenMP continues to fulfill its mission to build a standard that is truly cross platform....An important milestone for the industry, users and vendors alike, OpenMP 4.0 offers a very portable parallelization model for the neo-heterogeneous world of HPC."

To learn more about the OpenMP API, visit the specifications site. Those interested can sign up for membership or use the forums for support, ideas, and collaboration. With over 15 years of experience, development, and support from industry leaders, the ARB's OpenMP API has established itself as a standard in the supercomputing world, and it continues to invent at the cutting edge of technology.

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