Openprise Adds API Factory to its Product Lineup

Openprise today announced the availability of Openprise API Factory, the first and only solution that transforms any automated business process into a custom API with a single click, making it easy to add custom API-based services to enterprise systems without writing a single line of code. API Factory enables customers to simplify their tech stacks, so they can respond with speed and flexibility to changing market conditions and reduce costs.

Unique to Openprise, the APIs custom-generated by API Factory automate processes using customers’ specific business logic, enabling them to add real-time interactivity and bridge feature gaps in other applications at a fraction of the time and cost of developing and maintaining custom code or using third-party plug-ins.

API Factory also restores CRM system performance and usability by offloading Resource-intensive processes, transforming any process into a custom API. Companies can use API Factory to perform real-time data enrichment, provide self-service user onboarding, enable real-time customer inquiry account matching and routing, and extend powerful Openprise segmentation and account and lead scoring capabilities.

“Creating and managing custom code is expensive and time-consuming, and the overhead can bring the even most robust CRM systems to their knees,” said Julian Archer, VP, Principal Analyst in the Marketing Operations Research Service at SiriusDecisions. “A solution that enables real-time interactivity and puts data quality front and center—without IT intervention, and without requiring custom code—has the power to restore agility to marketing and sales systems of record.”

Only API Factory enables the creation of custom API wrappers that can also serve as “data firewalls,” performing data quality, deduplication, validation, and unification tasks—before introducing data into critical systems. By applying a single data standard and cleansing process across all enterprise applications, Openprise and API Factory deliver the pristine data that every marketing and sales solution needs to deliver value.

“API Factory makes it easy to add real-time features without cluttering your CRM with multiple instances of custom code, apps, or third-party plug-ins,” said Ed King, CEO and Founder, Openprise. “Customers using Openprise API Factory can now create and manage all their CRM customizations and simplify their tech Stack with a single no-code Platform.”

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