OpenSearchServer Launches Screenshot API with More Soon to Come

OpenSearchServer, a search engine API, has launched its first of many APIs to come: OpenSearchServer Screenshot API. The API's basic functionality enables the user to take a screenshot of any website. Users have multiple options regarding screen size and which portions of the screen to capture. The Screenshot API developed out of an open source project aimed at continued improvement across a number of search nuances.

OpenSearchServer has enjoyed a wild ride since its roots first took hold at InfoPro Communications in 2007. A few name and ownership changes later, OpenSearchServer continues to focus on open source search engine excellence. With the launch of the Screenshot server, the company has begun to take its web-based platforms to the next level. Screenshot is only the first feature to move to an API model. The company expects to launch OCR, Crawler, and PDF Viewer APIs in the near future. To keep up to date, sign up for API alerts.

The Screenshot API uses REST protocol and returns a screenshot image in a PNG format. Users can determine the screen size, single in on certain portions of the screen, or delay the screenshot to wait for a particular image or feature to reload. For more information, visit the API site.

Search has certainly evolved way beyond its basic functionality a couple of decades ago. Today, consumers, businesses, and educational institutions rely on search daily. More nuanced functionality continues to become desired as new capabilities arise. OpenSearchServer has taken an open source approach to achieve the most superior search experience and hopes to incorporate its functionality in apps across the globe through an API strategy.

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