OpenWebRTC Browser And Framework Now Open Source

In order to encourage participation in the WebRTC ecosystem, Ericsson Research has released the OpenWebRTC browser and underling framework as open source. The browser, which has been used internally by Ericsson Research for testing and development over the last few years, integrates the The WebRTC API hosted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to support browser-to-browser applications with video chat, voice calling, and file sharing without plugins.

OpenWebRTC, being standardized by the W3C and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), aims to transcend the browser environment to infuse native apps with the powerful web-based API protocols and functionalities. This is important for mobile solutions, where native apps are traditionally more embraced than pure web apps. 

As the Research Manager at Ericsson Research, Stefan Ålund, said, “Ever since releasing Browser to the public in 2012 we have been asked to share our implementation. Today, we are not only releasing Browser but also the underlying cross-platform WebRTC framework that we have developed and used internally at Ericsson Research over the last few years. ”

Developers can now access the OpenWebRTC source files and underlying cross-patform framework based on GStreamer, as well as contribute to the OpenWebRTC community all on GitHub.  

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Ericsson to Release Browser, OpenwebRTC as Open Source