Optimal IDM's New Partner Platform Includes Multi-Tenant Support

Optimal IdM, a leading provider of SaaS-delivered Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, has announced the release of The OptimalCloud Partner Platform.

The OptimalCloud Partner Platform, designed specifically for partners and system integrators, will include all of the features and benefits associated with The OptimalCloud as well as multi-tenant support and the ability to white label user interfaces. Partners will be able to create new tenants for their customers via a web Portal allowing them to on-board new customers themselves.

The OptimalCloud Partner Platform will include the following:

  • Administration and Management API This user management API is built for multi-tenant administrative access. Partners and system integrators can brand their User Interface ( UI) and manage their own onboarding process by allowing users to add relying parties and make changes without going through a ticketing system.
  • Authorization API – This API allows users to embed authorization calls within their application and delegate authorization decisions to the rules engine within The OptimalCloud. By creating and managing rules through The OptimalCloud Partner Platform UI, business logic is put back into the hands of business owners.
  • Session Management API – With the proper administrative rights, this API allows users to turn off a user session from another system, reducing repetitive logins and improving reporting metrics.

"We are very excited about The OptimalCloud Partner Platform and the doors it will open for the growth of our company," said Larry Aucoin, Managing Partner, and CTO at Optimal IdM. "Since the company was founded, we have successfully expanded our offerings without taking venture capital funding, instead of reinvesting profits into R&D and bringing best-of-breed solutions to the market."

"As one of the few IDaaS vendors to offer all three APIs – administration and management, authorization, and session management – we provide a unique solution for partners," said Jeff Bohren, Chief Software Engineer at Optimal IdM. "They can leverage the partner platform to meet the identity and access management needs of their customers."

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