Optimal Payments Launches Developer Center and New APIs

Optimal Payments, a leading online and mobile payment processing services provider, has announced the launch of a Developer Center and a suite of REST-based APIs. The Netbanx API suite includes a Hosted Payments API, a Card Payments API and a Customer Vault API, enabling developers to integrate e-commerce website and mobile payment applications with Netbanx payment gateway solutions.


The new Optimal Payments Developer Center allows developers to register for one unified API Key that can be used for the entire suite of APIs. The Netbanx API suite features three:

  • Hosted Payments API The Hosted Payments API can be used by developers for integrating checkout functionality with e-commerce websites and applications. Payments are accepted through a hosted PCI-compliant payment page.
  • Card Payments API The Card Payments API allows applications to access the Optimal Payments payment engine. Applications using this API can perform different types of transaction requests, such as purchases, refunds and authorization reversals.
  • Customer Vault API  The Customer Vault API provides developers with a PCI Level 1-compliant method of storing sensitive customer payment details. This API allows customer payment details to be safely stored using an environment on the Optimal Payments Platform.

The launch of the Optimal Payments Developer Center and the REST-based Netbanx APIs kicks off phase one of providing developers with payment Integration solutions. According to Danny Chazonoff, Optimal Payments' chief operating officer, “With the launch of the Developer Center and REST-based APIs, we are delivering on our commitment to provide best-in-class developer tools, effectively empowering the developer community with the ability to integrate the latest payment solutions more efficiently.”

For more information about the Optimal Payments platform and Netbanx API suite, visit OptimalPayments.com.

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