Oracle Announces Blockchain Cloud Service

This week, Oracle announced its new Blockchain Cloud Service. The new offering looks to empower customers to leverage one of the most disruptive technologies currently emerging. By including the new service as part of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle provides access to Blockchain services through straightforward REST APIs and SDKs.

The Blockchain Cloud Service allows users to share data and conduct trusted transactions between various parties. Users can integrate such sharing and transactions through Integration with existing applications (whether hosted or on-premise), or through use of Oracle's cloud offerings. As part of Oracle's Cloud Platform, any use of the Blockchain services is fast through API/ SDK integration, and immediately scalable through the use of Oracle's massive infrastructure.

Through API-driven development, transactions run chaincode methods through REST proxies. The REST APIs allow transactions and queries to run synchronously for an immediate response. Using Java and Node.js, SDK integration enables users to enroll members, add peers, create channels, deploy smart contracts, register events, run transactions or query ledger data. To learn more, register for a free trial.

Blockchain is still new, emerging, and unfamiliar to many developers. Oracle has published some introductory videos to its Blockchain Cloud Service and an e-book overview to help get developers started. Check out the Blockchain Cloud Service site to learn more.

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