Oracle Embraces JSON and RESTful APIs

Given the prevalence of Oracle databases and associated middleware across the enterprise, Oracle's embrace of JSON and RESTful APIs signals a major event. This week Oracle unveiled an Oracle SOA Suite 12c offering that adds support for JSON and RESTful APIs along with enhanced API management capabilities within the company’s middleware Platform.

Amit Zavery, group vice president of product management for Oracle Fusion middleware, says Oracle views RESTful APIs as a subset of a pantheon of service-oriented architecture (SOA) technologies that includes everything from traditional web services to event-driven architectures. Rather than requiring organizations to acquire separate platforms to deal with each type of Integration scenario, Zavery says Oracle views Oracle SOA Suite 12c as a multifaceted integration engine.

Zavery says that many of the new integration services available in Oracle SOA Suite 12c, available on premises, will also find their way into the company’s cloud integration service, which leverages the same set of integration engines running on top of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c.

Beyond support for RESTful APIs and JSON, Oracle SOA Suite 12c also provides access to a single-click installer, new debugging and testing capabilities, and templates that can be used to share best practices as well as accelerate the development or maintenance of projects.

Zavery says those templates leverage a Library of patterns that Oracle has identified over years of working with customers on integration projects. Specifically, Oracle has extended the number of connectors and adapters it provides with Oracle SOA Suite 12c to include support for software-as-a-service applications such as along with Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud.

In addition, Oracle is also providing developers with access to mapping tools that enable them to identify patterns they can use to create templates involving any number of third-party applications.

Zavery also notes that overall performance has been enhanced at every level by both shrinking the footprint of Oracle SOA 12c and optimizing how the environment makes use of memory and storage to better support application integration projects at scale.

Other new capabilities include a managed file transfer capability for sharing files and an event processing engine that can process up to 1 million messages per second.

When it comes to RESTful APIs, Zavery says Oracle has seen a sharp increase in usage across its customer base. But after several decades of integration, he notes that RESTful APIs are only one of many vehicles that organizations need to manage. The challenge, says Zavery, is finding a way to manage all those points of integration in the most cost-effective way possible.

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