Oracle Introduces Autonomous JSON Database

Oracle has introduced its Autonomous JSON Database. The new cloud service gives developers a cost-effective JSON database with NoSQL APIs. It includes all core capabilities of MongoDB while delivering high performance, elasticity, full ACID support, and SQL functionality.

The new offering is built on the Oracle Autonomous Database. New databases can be provisioned in minutes. It scales up and down with no application downtime. Databases are patched online. Automatic backups are made with point-in-time recovery. Disaster recovery features are standard. The goal of the new Oracle product is bold: zero administration.

Autonomous JSON Database includes a number of features unavailable in NoSQL databases:

  • built-in Machine Learning algorithms
  • special queries
  • advanced security features (e.g. fine-grained access control)
  • mature server-side procedural language
  • low-code development environment
  • ACID transactions (no time or transaction size limits)
  • Simple, fast cross-collection joins and aggregations
  • Intelligent search indexes for entire JSON documents

Developers can try out Autonomous JSON Database free with an Oracle Cloud trial account. Those interested can sign up here. Production use starts with a free tier and scales with a per hour price model.

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