Oracle Introduces Java 14

Oracle recently announced Java 14. JDK 14 includes sixteen new features, most targeted at improving developer productivity. Additionally, the release includes three features in preview: Pattern Matching for instance of (JEP 305), Records (JEP 359), and Text Blocks (JEP 368).

“Not only does JDK 14 have a number of enhancements that will improve developer productivity, but we’re also seeing the first major content to come from projects like Project Panama, with a Foreign-Memory Access API enhancement (JEP 370), and continuing improvements from Project Amber, with Pattern Matching (JEP 305) and Records (JEP 359)," Georges Saab, Oracle's Vice President of Java Platform Development, commented in a press release. "These significant enhancements are a testament to all of the hard work in these groundbreaking projects.”

Oracle introduced Java 14 six months after Java 13. This stays in line with its commitment to speed up its release cycle to a cadence similar to other software providers. Saab was sure to point out that JDK 14 development was conducted through the OpenJDK Community, which includes developers across industries and companies.

JDK 14 will receive no less than two quarterly updates. Visit the critical patch update schedule to learn more. Oracle JDK is available here and Oracle OpenJDK is available here. JDK 15 is currently scheduled for general availability in September of this year.

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