Oracle Wins Appeal Against Google, Can Now Copyright Java APIs

While Google expresses disappointment and considers its legal options, Oracle celebrated its court victory. After a four year legal fight, Oracle won its appeal against Google. In 2010, Oracle sued Google on the grounds that Android used Java in a way that was in violation of several Java patents. 

In a released statement Google said "We're disappointed by this ruling, which sets a damaging precedent for computer science and software development, and are considering our options."

Oracle General Counsel Dorian Daley stated that the decision was "...a win for Oracle and the entire software industry that relies on copyright protection to fuel innovation and ensure that developers are rewarded for their breakthroughs." This statement stands in direct contrast to statements from parties such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation who hold that "Treating APIs as copyrightable would have a profound negative impact on interoperability, and, therefore, innovation."

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Oracle Wins Appeal In Google Android Suit, Court Rules It Can Copyright Java APIs