Orange and other Telco APIs fueled by Apigee

Orange, a multinational telco provider, has released a set of APIs for their community to utilize. The APIs are fueled by Apigee, a San Francisco based provider of digital business platforms. Apigee delivers enterprise solutions to help companies in the telco industry enhance their business model to embrace digital servicing platforms. 

Apigee's services position major telcos like AT&T, Verizon, and Orange into the digital world, whether it be streamlining mobile presences or restructuring their business models. Their services can deliver statistics on user engagement and geolocation to display helpful trends, while at the same time respecting user privacy. Apigee can also be utilized by developers to structure APIs to unify storage locations. According to Sam Ramji, Apigee's director of strategy, Apigee can allow "telcos have an opportunity to grow their businesses in another direction, much as Amazon has grown from being an online commerce to a computing services company."

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Orange unleashes API assets, hires San Fran firm to lure in devs