Orchestrate.io Eliminates Need For Multiple Databases in Application Development

Orchestrate.io, a technology startup founded in March 2013, has just announced that the company has obtained a seed investment round of $3 million. Orchestrate.io is a brand new data API designed to eliminate the need for deploying databases when building new applications or when adding new features to existing applications. In addition to developing and deploying the Orchestrate.io service for strategic partners, the seed funding will be used to expand the core development team and deploy the service across multiple cloud providers on several continents. True Ventures leads the Orchestrate.io funding which has also been joined by Frontline Ventures and Resonant Venture Partners.

Orchestrate.io is a company that was founded by a group of individuals that have helped enterprises and startups build large scale web and mobile applications. Orchestrate.io was founded to provide companies a simple solution to a regularly occurring set of problems, described by Orchestrate.io on their website:

"While working with these companies, we noticed a pattern - to build interactive apps with engaging features, companies needed to run multiple databases. Companies often struggled with the complexity of operating these databases, making it difficult to scale, add new features, or focus precious resources on improving User Experience."

The Orchestrate.io API makes it possible for developers to create applications that include database functionality without the need for setting up and managing multiple databases. Using a single API, developers can integrate into applications database queries such as "geospatial, time-series, graph, full-text search and key-value."

Today there are companies that have millions upon millions of users generating infinite volumes of data; companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter. When it comes to the development of high volume, data-driven applications, application speed and scalability are key. The traditional relational database is often not an adequate option for the types of applications being developed today.

Many developers have been moving away from relational databases, opting for databases that offer increased speed and stability such as NoSQL, in-memory and cloud. Another alternative to the relational database is Hadoop, defined by Wikipedia as "an open source software Framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications." Many of these types of databases also feature Web Service APIs which can be found in the Database Category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Orchestrate.io is not only a new alternative to relational and other established databases, it is also a cost-cutting and time-saving solution for enterprises that operate and maintain multiple databases. Antony Falco, Founder and CEO of Orchestrate.io and Co-Founder of Basho Technologies, states in the press release that:

"Database and operating system licensing, servers, storage, power, labor, outsourcing, and professional services represents a market that exceeds $100B annually. We believe our service will save our customers significant time and money, allowing them to instead focus on what matters most - the end-user. With Orchestrate.io, our customers can build better apps, faster."

Orchestrate.io is currently in private beta and will be made generally available later this year. For more information, visit Orchestrate.io.

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