Orderful Announces Enterprise API for Trading Supply Chain Data

Orderful, a provider of SaaS solutions for enterprise Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), announced a new API platform for EDI that allows users to trade supply chain data globally. This solution is designed to allow companies to integrate once, rather than building custom integrations for every partner.

The announcement notes that many companies are currently relying on hundreds to thousands of point-to-point integrations to integrate supply chain data, which is both complex and expensive to maintain. The problem with an environment comprised of custom integrations is that over time the number of integrations grows, for both the buyer and seller. This can lead to an overall ecosystem that is untenable for all parties involved.

The newly announced API platform aims to simplify this process by building out a network of connected enterprises that are ready for immediate integration. Allowing customers of all sizes to quickly get started trading EDI data. This is why Orderful believes that it is working toward “enabling the supply chain of the future.”

The company claims that the solution is easily configured, with the API automatically consuming EDI data in any format. The API functions by converting JSON payloads into EDI data formats, and vice versa. Orderful has targeted the retail, transportation, healthcare, and financial industries. The platform currently supports over 400 EDI transaction types.

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