Ordnance Survey Launches OS Data Hub for API Access to UK Mapping Data

Ordnance Survey (OS), the national mapping agency for Great Britain, has announced the release of a new geospatial data Platform that will provide users access to the agency’s location data and property-level information. The new platform, aptly named OS Data Hub, provides limited free API access to Ordnance Survey’s massive location dataset: OS MasterMap. 

OS Data Hub enables developers to access APIs that expose various mapping datasets and the agency hopes that this will allow developers to build “data visualizations, improved insight, and data analytics, as well as support existing customer applications such as navigation and asset management.” 

The agency noted that in addition to the aforementioned OS MasterMap, developers will also gain API access to the agency’s leisure mapping, road network data, and access to OS OpenData products. 

The list of APIs that are available via free access on the platform includes the OS Maps API,Track this API OS Vector Tile API, OS Features API,Track this API OS Downloads APITrack this API, OS Names APITrack this API, and OS Linked Identifiers API. 

Ordnance Survey noted that this general release follows a successful trial with over 700 users. 

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